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Love Your Relationship, Love Your Mate

Everyone knows that you have to compromise in any relationship, but how one goes about compromising is the question. Is it simply that you give in because you shy away from conflict or an argument ensued, making it a win-lose situation? Or, do you talk about the situation and come to a decision where both of you get satisfied in some way… making it a win-win? There are many ways we compromise in relationships and compromise doesn’t mean that you have to lose every time.

When two people respect each other, they are honoring their rights as human beings. If one usually feels slighted and discontent with the outcome, then someone is taking advantage, while the other is being disrespected and not standing up for themselves. On occasion, there are always going to be two points-of-view in every relationship. How the conflict gets handled is what makes all the difference.

First and foremost, talk… not yell, criticize, or belittle… talk. Each one tells their side of the story, and then, with an open mind, both of you figure out how to make it work.

For instance, one of you enjoys going out with friends, while the other is more of a home-body or has other interests. That’s okay! Figure out what works so both of you can have what you want. Make a plan: the one spends time with friends on Fridays, while Saturdays are always date-night. Neither of you get exactly what you want, but you can be happy with the outcome because your mate was willing to compromise. No one had to lose. Other issues could be how one of you spends money, cleans, drives, or even how you argue. Once again, talk and make a plan!

People just feel better when they know that they have been heard and that there is empathy for their position. No one likes to feel that they don’t matter. Keep this in mind each and every time you are faced with an issue and you will become a better person, a better mate, and a better friend. As the golden rule tells us, treat others as you want to be treated. That rule has been around for a long, long time…and there’s a good reason for it.

Issues are never resolved until both of you make a vow to respect and value the other person…in their time, their values, and in life.

Relationship Love Poems

When it comes to expressing your love you share towards another individuals in your life we believe one of the best ways is love poems. When you take those thoughts you have in your mind and put them on paper with a pen in a love poem format they are really powerful words. When you are writing a love poem you will have words flowing freely just like a river. You should know that love poems have been around for a very long time now, they have existed since ancient times. The truth is that some of the best literature is actually related to love.

You may not realize it but love just makes individuals want to write poems. It is a well-known fact that when someone is in love they are turned into a genuine poetry writer. Sometimes when someone expresses himself or herself in a love poem it can be very flattering but then again it can also be exaggerated too. When it comes to writing a love poem and the person has had lost love or an unfulfilled love there is going to be a lot of thoughts in it that are negative. These poems are reflecting the dreams that have been shatters, the frustration that has been faced and the agony that has been dealt with.

There was a person names Emily Watson and she once stated that the heart is known for speaking the language of love and the language of love is best when it is expressed by poetry. As far back as the first written words love poems have known to be a essential role when it comes to expressing how you feel towards someone. If you have ever truly loved someone then chances are you have written a love poem for them. Just because you wrote a love poem for them doesn’t mean you shared it with them. Many individuals out there write a love poem about someone they love and it is really good but they cannot bring themselves to give it to the person.

If you have written a love poem for someone you deeply care about then you should not be afraid to give it to him or her. Those poems that we write when we are in love are those beacons that guide us to the uncharted depths of love. If you are into love poems then you should know that there are plenty of books published out there that are filled with love poems. Some of the authors of the love poems are well known but then you have those that aren’t so famous but the love poems are still good. Now that we are talking about books on love poems we would also like to tell you that there are books out there that will guide you and direct you on how to write love poems. Really, if you have ever been in love then you will be able to write a love poem. Remember, poems are all about feelings.

Love Horoscopes and Compatibility of Gemini

Zodiac signs compatibility test and love horoscopes are popular ways of finding if you are compatible with the person you are dating. Most of us know that our sun signs are based on the planetary positions at the time of our birth. Theses sun signs influence our traits and our ability to interact with different people. Gemini is one of the twelve sun signs. Love life and compatibility of Geminians are somewhat complicated because of several reasons.

Though matching love horoscopes of people with Gemini sun sign requires professional expertise, there are some common traits that are helpful in finding out if a particular Gemini relationship is going to last long.

Geminians are very witty, charming and intelligent. The intelligence and wits are often not appreciated by people of other sun signs. However Gemini person doesn’t take much time realizing that the other persons it not taking this approach positively.

Their ability to pick up new things and expressing their views about it comes in the way of stabilizing their relationship. They are often more interested in talking about sexual things rather than experimenting with it. However it depends upon many other factors as well.

The intelligence of Gemini is appreciated by Librans. As Librans themselves are known as charmers, they like the witty nature of Gemini. They love to love therefore Librans are the best match for geminians. Librans are often known for balancing relationships very well which means they know when to stop arguing with their partner and when to take things lightly. This is what makes Librans compatible with Gemini.

They go well with Aquarians as well. Their relationship with Leos goes well initially because of witty nature of Leo but usually it does not last long.

Factors Influencing Couple Attraction – Relationship – Love

No one doubts that having a relationship is complicated. We perceive it as complicated because the most important factors influencing couple attraction and relationship dynamics are subconscious. We usually have little or no conscious awareness of why we are attracted to (or repulsed by) a person.

Two people meet and either they suddenly feel attracted or not. Either they want to move closer or not. There is usually an energetic “pull-closer” or a “push-away.” Something is happening, it happens quickly, and it is happening on a much deeper level than the physical level. It is outweighing superficial appearance or material factors. What is happening is subconscious, psychological, and complicated.

The pull-closer, if for purely selfish reasons, will eventually lead to some kind of negativity and pain. The push-away could be either positive or negative depending on the intentions of each person.

When two selfish individuals feel an attraction, one or more of the following subconscious factors will likely be operative:

1. Individuals seeking a close, sexual relationship may be attracted because they have opposite subconscious “basic selfish dispositions.” One person will be “basically angry” and the other “basically fearful.” Anger and fear are the two basic ways that we selfishly control to get what we want or avoid what we do not want. If two individuals are of the same selfish disposition (i.e. both basically angry or both basically fearful), they would share similar selfish behavior patterns and would attempt to control and manipulate in similar ways. Were they to enter into a close, sexual relationship their similar selfish approaches would start to clash and the lifespan of their relationship would probably be short-lived. They know too much about each other’s ways.

2. Individuals may be attracted because they have subconscious selfish intentions or behavior pattern ideas that match or are compatible.

If a person holds an idea such as “I have to control in covert ways,” and another person holds the idea “I want someone to take care of me,” those ideas would be compatible.

If a woman had an abusive father relationship, she might have come away covertly hating her father and extended her feelings to include all men. If a man is holding the idea that he does not deserve to be loved or does not deserve anything good, he might be subconsciously attracted to a woman who will refuse to love him.

A woman may be attracted violent personalities or substance abusers, but may not consciously understand why. It is likely that she is enacting a subconscious pattern of being a “victim.”

A man may be attracted to a woman who is obviously controlling. He does not like how she is but feels compelled to be with her. He probably has subconscious patterns relating to his experiences with an excessively controlling mother.

Someone wanting to look good or be perceived as important or right may be attracted to a person who is choosing to be a screw-up, a flake, or a scatterbrain. On the other hand, a person wanting to look or important may be attracted to someone like that.

3. Individuals may be attracted because they have made a significant subconscious “negative agreement” that often has to do with taking personal responsibility.

If a person who is refusing to take full responsibility for his or her life meets someone seeking to take more than 100% responsibility, there might be a strong attraction based on that responsibility trade-off. This is common in selfish relationships.

If both individuals are seeking to avoid truth and reality, that avoidance might be the basis of an attraction.

Since we always know the things we do that are wrong, a person may have an “approach-avoidance” experience. This might occur because a person is sensing positive factors in another that would mean he or she would have to deal with person negatives in order to be with that person. That relationship would become a challenge that has a desirable attraction, yet has an undesirable dimension.

Some people harbor extremely negative intentions and feelings that are not consciously or visibly apparent. A person may push-away someone because he or she is subconsciously “reading” the other person’s true psychological state

Subconsciously, someone out in public may be projecting “I am available.” While another may be saying, “I am not interested in a relationship.”

Of course, the individuals might be attracted for unselfish, right, loving reasons, but, at this time, on this planet, that would be relatively rare. The divorce rates and the huge number of couples in frustrated, un-fulfilling, negative relationships would seem to indicate that fact.

The possibilities for attraction or pushing-away are endless. Until we transform ourselves into truly loving beings, relationships will remain complicated, tricky, and difficult ventures. The kind of people we attract and interact closely with, ultimately, depends on the nature and quality of our own subconscious intentions.

As far as true love is concerned, as long as we approach relationship from selfish motivations, from a “getting” rather than a “giving” place, and as long as we resist consistent right action, an experience of true love will elude us.

Neil Mastellone, working with his co-researcher Jean Mastellone, has been actively investigating the causes of negative human behavior. Their combined research findings are groundbreaking and tend to challenge popular and most medically accepted views of the subconscious, human behavior, baby psychology, and child, teen, and adult disorders and dysfunctions.